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Support Guideline - How to ask for support / Forum rules
« on: September 10, 2018, 01:37:14 PM »
#1. Search before post. There is a huge chance that you might find it was solved before! Please do not create new posts/open requests regarding pending activations. This will simply delay the overall process.

#2. Always make a thread for your own support. Never hijack someone else's thread. Don't ask for support on someone else's support thread. We will not and can't solve your issue like that. And it is also being disrespectful to other users.

#3. Don't type the whole post in capital. English is a universal language, please only use English for support question. We can not help if we can't understand what you are asking for.

#4. One question per thread. If you have more question then ask in a different thread.

#5. If you know the answer or was able to solve it or know how to solve the issue then you are more then welcome to help. Don't make off-topic posting.

#6. If you are asking help or support regarding your hosting account, always make sure you include
Domain Name:
A support team member might request you to confirm your Email address associated to your account or client ID number. If we do, this will be communicated over private message. However, any and every support issues will only be answered via forum post.

Never post or give your username in this forum or to other users. We won't be responsible if any issue occurs because of that.

#7. Don't bump your thread or Send pm to support team while we are working on it. This won't make it faster. But might make it slower. We will go to them in the way they were received.

#8. Never use abusive language when asking for support.

#9. Help if you can or else leave it alone.

#10. Be kind and nice.

#11. Try to post a screenshot for your issue whenever it is possible.

#12. Please remember, this is a free service. While we do our best to help and respond as soon and as fast as possible, not every time you will have an instant response. Average resolution time is 48-72 hour with average response time could be as slow as 8 hours during certain time frame. However, that doesn't mean you won't solve your issue if we can within a minute of posting. We will always do our best to provide our best.

Always follow the forum guideline even if you are a support team member.
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