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Free Hosting etiquette: Please read.
« on: May 19, 2020, 05:33:42 PM »
Dear ServedEz users,
I hope all is well. I just wanted to quickly get something off my chest here.

As you are fully aware, this is a personal project that is run and financed by me (100%) and no additional fund is taken from the parent company. Nor do I ask for donation or force anyone to upgrade their plan to a paid plan.

This is a free hosting project, that is done as a charity to give back to internet and I don't ask for much in return. I have not forced anyone to post our ads on their website. When you are hosting a website with servedez, you are getting a no frill, free web hosting, that has enough features of many so called paid and premium hostings.

However, there are rules that are in place to ensure things are done the right way. The proper way. As once they are done, it is to ensure that, everyone can enjoy a fast and stable web hosting, while it doesn't make me feel like I should simply close this loss project. Because let's call it what it is, it is a loss project.  ServedEZ barely generates any money from advertisements, neither does it have a great "upgrade conversion" and we would rather not ask for extra money from other users. Though, I might put up a donation button in the near future.

This brings me to my point,

- I ask everyone to read the terms of services before signing up and ordering any plans.

- Don't resell our free hosting service to other for money. That is too shady and if found, everything will be terminated.

- I have made it super clear the support is limited to forum only and . That is plastered everywhere. Why? My help desk team is paid by hours and per ticket. You wouldn't work for free, neither would they. Every time you open a ticket, without being asked for, costs me extra money. In the near future, anyone who opens a ticket for free hosting related inquires, will be terminated, instantly. Without any notice.

- I am the only person who is in charge of ServedEz. Being a human with a regular job and a business to run, I am not on this forum 24/7. If you require instant answer to your support enquirers, I am sorry, but that is not possible. There are people who are working on the helpdesk 24/7 but that is also a privilege

- Help out other community members with their common questions. It really helps! That was the whole purpose of using support forum.

- TOS violations are straight termination. No warning, no wait time. Why? Being free product, there are enough people out there, who continues to try to exploit it. If you chose to ignore our crystal clear TOS, I count it as a "F U" towards me. This will also result in life time ban from any servedez/nexusbytes product.

- If a resource abuse notification is sent out, it needs to be responded. Failure to respond to abuse notification within 24 hours will result in complete account suspension. We have to do, what is right for the most and that is to offer them a fast and speedy system.

- If your site was suspended or terminated, it is because one of the above.

- I have no problem with multiple orders from one person. But if you are adding 20/30 sites, seriously, think about sharing some love. If you can afford multiple $10/year domains, pretty sure you can afford 1 $20/year hosting.

- If you outgrew your plan, you are free to find another provider or upgrade. If you have a busy site, I would really appreciate it if you upgrade with us. If you don't that is your choice.

- I do ServedEZ because I care. Not because I owe anything to anyone.

- No, I am not making things difficult for you. I am trying my best to continue offering this service and keep it free. But waking up to a ticket that says "F U Nexus Bytes" for terminating someone services, that was terminated 6 times in 4 month is enough to make me wants to stop this.

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