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ServedEZ : Announcing Free and budget Re seller Plan

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ServedEZ : Announcing Free and budget Re seller Plan
« on: July 26, 2019, 10:55:43 PM »
Dear Users,
ServedEZ is proud to announce the official launch of our Shared Hosting Reseller package.

What is reseller hosting?

An opportunity for entrepreneurs and developer to resell shared hosting service to the end-users without the overhead or any high startup cost. 

What Packages do we offer?

ServedEZ currently offers 3 different tiers of Budget Reseller Hosting offers.

Here are the 3 different offerings :

Compare the plans here :

Free Re seller (One time setup fee of $5) : For Hobbyist and small developers/designers. Support will be provided via community forum, dedicated to Reseller User Groups only and not visible to other usergroup.

Basic Re Seller 1 : Starting as low as $1/mo. For Developers and aspiring individual hosting startups, who wants to offer web hosting services to their client base. Support will be provided via community forum, dedicated to Reseller User Groups only and not visible to other usergroup.

Basic Re Seller 2 : For anyone and everyone, who wants to resell web hosting service to end users for an affordable pricing. Community and Help Desk based support for additional privacy.

F.A.Q :

TOS/Usage Policy :

Re-Seller client base will follow the same TOS and Usage policy. Which means, no spamming, resource abusing services as out lined by our TOS or illegal activities are allowed. Remember, shared hosting is not for the next youtube or facebook or google. But it will help you with the basic

Your clients will be suspended at the first sign of offense. Re Seller will have 72 hour from the time of initial suspension (notified via email) . Failure to comply will result in account suspension and will be given additional 72 hours before complete termination.

Why is there a setup fee for the Free plan?
2 Reasons, #1. To protect our service from abusers and #2. To generate some type of revenue stream, be it the most minimal.

What is your refund policy?

Free account will have a 24 hour refund period. Other packages are non refundable. If you want to try our service, feel free to start with the Free Re-Seller plan.

How do I white label my service?

Custom name server option is available for the Basic Re-Seller 1 and 2 plans.  White labeled host naming is available for Re-Seller 2 plan and above. Please open support request for custom host name. Every re-seller account has the ability to change directadmin logo and do basic customization.

For custom welcome/error pages, please add your customized files under the domains/default/ folder.

For custom suspension messages, add your customized files under the [/size]domains/suspended/ folder.

How to use my Re-Seller hosting?

All your basic how to questions are answered here.

Got more questions? Ask :)

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