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Frequently Asked Questions - F.A.Q's
« on: September 08, 2018, 06:26:58 AM »
#How long will it take to activate an account:
Because of the heavy load of new signups, it might take up to 48 hour for us to manually approve a new account.

#What are the Name Servers for Free Account:

#Cannot register on the forum, how can I contact then?
Your order confirmation email should have all the information regarding how to contact us.

#Not receiving any email
It happens with various free email service provider, specially with AOL and Windows Live Mail / HotMail. In such a rare occasion we urge you to use GMAIL or YAHOO mail.

Do not forget to check your SPAM/Junk mails folder either.

#Do you allow remote MySQL?
Due to security and abuse issue, It has been disabled. For any local installation you may and can use " localhost".

#Is SSH enabled for users?
Due to security reason ssh is disabled. If you need any help , let us know.

#I am transferring my site/host, will you help me to restore?
Of course. We are here to help and we will do that for you.

#Can I use this host for file storage/personal backup?
Nope. If the file is not related to your site or/and copyrighted material or/and public downloadable, NO!

#Account backup policy :
You may keep only 1 backup per user account at any given time. In the event of multiple backups, the oldest one will be removed during regular server maintanance.
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